The struggle with an alcohol dependency related issue rarely exists in a vacuum.  People who abuse alcohol and drugs often choose to remain clueless as to how they impact the lives of people who live with and around them, but that does not mean that they are the only player in this drama.  The behavioral effect of excessive alcoholic consumption goes beyond the individual to impact an entire social network connected in some way to the drinker.  Alcohol dependency is a double-edged sword that cuts everything that comes into contact with it.  The greater the sense of personal isolation, separation, and/or otherness from the family unit or surrounding community, the more entrenched the pattern of addiction can become.

Burning Tree is ready to help people from Tulsa.  We know the value and necessity of long-term treatment in order to successfully obtain relapse prevention.  At Burning Tree, we specialize in breaking the cycle of relapse permanently.  Our licensed clinicians and therapists utilize a dual diagnosis approach to treating alcohol dependency behavior and mental disorders.  If you want to get your health and sanity back, we can help you.  Unlike what some popular media personalities would lead you to believe, self-effort alone will not stop chronic relapse.  Roll the burden of this addiction pattern on to people who know what you are going through and are prepared to walk it out with you.  Call the number listed on this web page and ask for more information concerning our programs and services.  This may be the most important call you make in your life.  Call or visit your nearest Tulsa Inpatient Alcohol Rehab now.