Management Team

David Elliott- Founder & Managing Partner
Brian Percox- Chief Executive Officer
Sonya Kimbrell- Chief Financial Officer
Shea Barakatt, LMSW, LCDC, – Clinical Director/Quality Assurance,
Burning Tree Ranch
Leslie Crowley, MA, LCDC, LPC-intern – Clinical Director, Burning Tree Lodge

Marketing/Admissions/Admin Team
Heidi Voet Smith, MA, LPC- Senior Clinical Advisor
Jay Staples – Director of Marketing & Director of Alumni Program
Heather Ferris- Business Development
Alissa Hendrickson – Business Development
Eric T. Button – Business Developement
Beth Stainton- Director of Admissions
John Lambert- Admissions Specialist
Jade Perry- Human Resources Administrator
Beverly Potts- Finance Assistant
Ladina Hill
- Administrator Assistant/Receptionist

Burning Tree Ranch Clinical/Operations Team

Dennis Dalton, MD- Psychiatric Medical Director/Psychiatrist
Carey Ferren, LCDC- Assistant Clinical Director /Counselor
Shelley Long- Operations Manager
Jesse Earwood- Recovery Services Coordinator
Matt LeBeau, LMSW, LCDC
Terri Ordahl, Psy. D, LCDCi- Counselor
Kathleen Brazeal, LCDC- Counselor
Jennifer Boofer- BA, Neurofeedback Technician
Donna Brown- Operations Assistant
Shelia Sirls- Client Care Assistant
Stephanie Smith- Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Burning Tree Lodge Clinical/Operations Team

Frank Floca, MD- Psychiatric Medical Director/Psychiatrist
Gary Dinkelman, LCDC- Clinical Manager
Kay Brady, LCDC- Counselor
Andy Martin, MS, LCDC- Counselor
Jan Brannon, LMSW, LCDCi – Counselor
Trent Turner, BS, LCDCi – Neurofeedback Technician
Mary Hudgens, LVN- Medical Coordinator
Katrina Jones- Operations Manager
Millie Najem- Recovery Services Coordinator
Hope Jakubowski- Client Care
Marcella Ferguson- Administrative Assistant/HR

Special Projects

Jessica Evans- Special Projects Coordinator/EMR Administrator


Provided by Peak Performance Institute
Dr. Jan Ford Mustin, Ph.D

Family Services

Gale Standen – Director of Family Relations
Angie Knight-Buja, LPC- Family Program Facilitator (Contractor)
Heidi Voet Smith, LPC- Family Program Facilitator

Transition Program/Aftercare (BTTS, LLC)

Dawn S. Wilson- Director of Transition Services
Colin Foley – Transitions/Admissions Specialist


If it is to be, it is up to me

Burning Tree was the vision of one man, David Elliott, and he established our philosophy of long term treatment truly centered in the 12 steps. Having been in several treatment centers yet still unable to establish long-term sobriety, David landed in a long-term residential treatment center that helped change his life. Burning Tree is the manifestation of David’s great love for recovery and recognition of the need for specialized treatment for the group of alcoholics/addicts called “chronic relapsers.” David maintains a personal interest in the recovery of every single client. He routinely co-facilitates Community Group, serving to inspire the clients through his passion, commitment and sense of discipline.

Love, Service, and Excellence: We are here to serve!

This is our team motto. Our team is totally committed to ending the suffering of our clients. Burning Tree’s philosophy, mission and vision is driven by David Elliott. David is committed to making every single detail in the client’s treatment experience productive and integral to preparing the individual for recovery. Having spent his entire 30 year business career in an entrepreneurial or operational position, David remains very “hands-on” in his style and this ensures full executive connection to the daily management of treatment operations.