Nose Bleeding from Cocaine Use

Side Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is a highly addictive drug with side effects that negatively impact the function of respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems in the body.  Snorting Cocaine produces fast-acting effects that compete with the rapid high associated with injection and smoking.  The euphoric effect of Cocaine gives users a false sense of power, energy, and mood elevation that can often ride piggy-back with feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and extreme irritability.  The high from Cocaine does not last long, however.  Immediate effects wear off within thirty minutes.

Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Snorting Cocaine causes nose bleeds, sinus infections, olfactory impairment, and a perforated or collapsed nasal septum.  Cocaine is such a powerful drug that snorting can cause permanent tissue damage to the nasal septum and lungs.  Heavy users that snort Cocaine often suffer nasal nerve damage in which they lose sensation in the nose and experience episodic nose bleeds.  While the nose bleeds may be minor at first, they can quickly become uncontrollable if the nasal septum collapses or becomes perforated with holes.  Internal damage to the nose is what causes the bleeding to occur.  The fact that the user cannot feel anything is not just associated with the high.  The numbness is a response to the nerve killing impact of the drug on the tissue lining the nose and lungs.  Nerve damage to the nose and lungs may be permanent.  If left untreated, this condition can cause death.  Mixing alcohol with Cocaine and other drugs almost ensures the likelihood of overdose and death.

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