Methadone Addiction

Methadone is one of the most dependent inducing drugs created by twentieth-century medical science.  Methadone is synthetic morphine and maintains a prominent reputation for creating horrific and lengthy withdrawal symptoms.  As a member of the opiate family, Methadone profoundly impacts the function and production of brain neurotransmitters, which accounts for widely reported cases of chronic fatigue syndrome among Methadone users.  Methadone is used to treat pain and it is also used to ease the withdrawal symptoms experienced by patients that are recovering from Heroin or other narcotic addictions.

Methadone Withdrawal Signs

Due to the impact of Methadone on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, withdrawal from the drug can increase the experience of depression, anxiety, and disruption of sleep patterns.  The aches and pains associated with Methadone usage are said to be even more uncomfortable when the drug is withdrawn.

Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms

The symptoms of Methadone withdrawal (e.g., including controlled Methadone withdrawal or detoxification) can last for months.  The longer that Methadone is used to treat pain or addiction withdrawals to other drugs, the more extensive an impact the drug can have on altering the mind and body.  Regardless of the amount of dosage administered, withdrawal symptoms will be experienced.  Withdrawal symptoms are unique to each individual, but with Methadone they are known to be brutal and at times life endangering.  The list of withdrawal symptoms associated with Methadone include drowsiness, runny eyes and nose, heavy sweating, fever, severe abdominal pain, body tremors, constipation, diarrhea, hallucinations, loss of muscular strength, and lack of physical coordination

Methadone Withdrawal Dangers

Tolerance levels to any drug will vary from one individual to the next.  Regardless of whether usage occurs in a hospital, rehab unit, or on the street, Methadone is not a harmless substance.  More deaths related to Methadone occur in the absence of medical supervision than with medical supervision.  Recently, a shocking number of Methadone deaths have occurred, but more research is required to determine if these deaths were the result of overdose or if Methadone became lethal in combination with other drugs.

The dangers of withdrawal from Methadone have historically been due to the extreme intensity of the withdrawal experience.  For some individuals, withdrawals from Methadone are so severe that they experience shock, suffer convulsions, stroke, and take severe falls after losing balance or consciousness.  The injuries sustained from falls, strokes, and convulsions during withdrawals have produced many known fatalities.

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