Synthetic Marijuana Sold as Incense and Potpourri

K-2, otherwise known as Spice, is a synthetic form of Marijuana that has been available on the Internet as incense and potpourri since 2006.  K-2 is reasonably inexpensive to purchase at only ten dollars per gram as sold in three to four ounce gram bags.  As incense, K-2 comes in a variety of flavors that include Blonde, Pink, Citron, and Summit.

Laboratory Origin of JWH-018 and JWH-073

Originating in the 1990s through the research of John W. Huffman, an organic chemist from Clemson University, K-2 was initially christened with the initials of the researcher, JWH-018.  Huffman quickly published news of his research and development of JWH-018 in book form, so it is entirely possible that knowledge of the compound was gleaned through public access to Huffman’s published work.  Huffman suspects that usage of the compound as a drug may have initiated in Europe before gaining popularity in the United States.

K-2 Composition

Sold as incense and potpourri, K-2 is a combination of herb and plant ingredients that are saturated with an unknown psychotropic drug, as well as other contaminating substances that reportedly can induce life-threatening hallucinations.  Research suggests that K-2 compound contains levels of THC that are ten times the strength found in Marijuana.  The unknown nature of the psychotropic drug sprayed on the herb and the presence of contaminated chemicals pose a dangerous and potentially life-threatening risk to users of K-2.

Side Effects that are Consistent with Marijuana

Known side effects from lower dosages of K-2 include lowering of blood pressure and drowsiness.  Hallucinations, delusions, and vomiting are reported at higher dosages.

Side Effects that are Inconsistent with Marijuana

Side effects noted in youth cases between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one include high blood pressure, elevated heart rate, life-threatening hallucinations, seizures, tremors, and pale skin tone.  These effects show a measurable impact of K-2 on the central nervous system as well as cardiovascular system.

Dangers of Using K-2

The primary danger associated with K-2 drug usage is the fact that the psychotropic drug utilized in the compound remains unknown and many cases of reported side effects are inconsistent with Marijuana usage.  Contaminated chemicals associated with K-2 are suspect as linked with producing life-threatening hallucinations, seizures, and even death among teens that have smoked the drug.

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