Heroin Addiction and Withdrawal

With regular usage, addiction and dependency to Heroin can quickly develop.  Withdrawal reactions to Heroin are determined on the basis of how long the addict has been using the drug and what dosage the addict is used to taking.  The stronger the withdrawal reaction, the greater the amount of pain the addict will experience.  Within a few hours of the last usage, withdrawal symptoms of drug craving, marked anxiety, agitation, nausea, muscle pain, restlessness, and vomiting can occur.  Painful, flu-like symptoms will peak within forty-eight to seventy-two hours and last up to one week before subsiding.

Complications from Extreme Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

In a hospital or rehab setting, Methadone and Buprenorphine are often used to minimize the painful withdrawal effects of Heroin.  In settings outside of these areas, however, people make the mistake of treating the pain of withdrawal with barbiturates or some other form of prescribed pain killer.  Ingesting pain killers during extreme withdrawal symptoms from Heroin in the absence of a doctor or addiction specialist can be fatal.  Only a physician or specialist trained in addiction knows how to treat the intense pain experienced during extreme withdrawal symptoms.  Once ingested, pain killers react with the amount of Heroin still remaining in the body, thus creating a highly toxic and lethal situation for the addict.  In extreme cases, withdrawal from Heroin can cause death.  Far more common, however, is that incidents of fatality occur through intervening drug interaction that is not medically supervised.

Burning Tree is a Safe Solution for Heroin Withdrawal

Burning Tree is ready to help people get their lives back from Heroin by safely monitoring and supervising every stage of the recovery process.  At Burning Tree, our clinicians and addiction specialists utilize a dual diagnosis approach to treating chemical dependency and mental disorders.  We know how to safely monitor your pain levels so you can gradually and permanently recover from the addiction to Heroin.  Short-term rehab centers are not equipped to provide you with the expertise, time, or program that you need to resolve all of the issues that are standing in the way of your recovery.  We want to help you deal with the pain, but we also want to teach you tools and life skills that will enable you to remain drug free for the rest of your life.